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If You Are A Coach Who Wants To Stop Sucking At Sales...
AND INSTEAD, Get So Good At It That You Actually LOVE Doing It --
Join Us At The Next "3 Days To $10k" Retreat
(And Discover How to Sign-Up High-Paying Clients Who You Love
Working With - Using Our Simple "Sales That Don't Suck! System!")
Hosted at The 
Sales That Don't Suck! Mansion
in Beautiful Santa Monica, California

Dates: September 28-30, 2018  
(PLUS Join Us At The Smoozy
Boozy Cocktail Party the Evening
of September 27)
What is the "3 Days To $10k"Retreat All About?
Have you ever felt like you just hate sales so much, only to realize when you get REALLY honest with yourself, it’s not that you hate it... it’s just that you suck at it? 

What if, instead, you could discover a way not just to make more sales, BUT do it in a way where you’re actually connecting with people and making a difference in their lives ON the sales call.

Wouldn’t that feel awesome? 

For a moment, I want you to consider what your business could look like if you would spend 3 days in a beautiful mansion with two of the top sales and marketing strategists in the coaching industry, while they give you their undivided attention to help you get so good at sales that you actually look forward to doing it?

That’s what happens at our "3 days to 10k" Retreats (and we've got one coming up!)

It’s about coming together with an intimate group of dedicated and determined entrepreneurs for 3 days, to discover the best sales and marketing strategies working right now to grow any coaching business, from the founders of Sales That Don’t Suck!, Erica Martin and Mara Glazer. 

Now this isn’t another pushy, sales-y, script memorizing, soul sucking sales training... 

This is about mastering a proven sales framework that we fondly and appropriatly named:
What Erica and Mara's successful students love about The Sales That Don't Suck! System is, that the framework for this sales system they teach is flexible. Here’s what that means…

You aren’t learning exactly what to say word-for-word, verbatim, like a soulless robot. That sucks!

What you are discovering is how to have a conversation that allows you the freedom to be genuine and authentic so you can help the right person make the right decision for them. And whether or not your prospect chooses to work with you, they are happy and excited about your call because it felt great for everyone involved. 
Tell You More? Sure... Happy To!
In short, the "3 Days To $10K" Retreat is about making your business and life EASIER by getting really good at the #1 task you need to do to grow your business....

(Who doesn’t want an “EASY BUTTON” for their business?)

Well, get this… After 11 years collectively of working with entrepreneurs, business owners, service business owners, infomarketers, coaches, and consultants, Erica and Mara have come to discover that there is one thing that is more effective at making business easier than anything else.

Want to guess what it is?

Alright, we’ll tell you…
And, as usual… we are going to be blunt... 

The good ‘ol M-O-N-E-Y!

When you have money you have WAY less stress! 
When you have money you can invest in the training, resources, and staff you need to grow your business! 
When you have money you can truly HELP more people!
And, when you have money you can have more FUN!
We all get that, right?!

Something else we all get is that the way to make more money is to sell stuff!
(And by stuff we mean your AH-MAZING coaching programs and offers that change people’s lives!)

There’s really no other way around it – whether you like sales, or not.

When you attend the "3 Days To $10k" Retreat, you are going to discover a better way to sell - and how you can do it in a way that doesn’t suck...

In a way that doesn’t suck your time. 
Suck your energy. 
Suck your soul. 
Suck your life!

YOU can actually sell more, and make more - without working more… if you know how to do it right! 
And we want to teach this to you, and help you to start closing more new sales
 with it over THREE fun and adventurous days of LEARNING and EARNING at
The "3 Days To $10k" Retreat!
There are Lots of Other Sales Retreats and Trainings Out There... What's Different About This One?
First and foremost, this retreat is MORE than just a retreat! 

To help you get the most out of your retreat experience, and be set up for the best of success when you arrive in LA, Erica and Mara ADDED ON a brand new 3 Month Coaching Program
for everyone who steps up to attend.

(Another reason they did this is to help you make sales before the retreat even begins. In fact, it's not uncommon to see participants make back part or all of their investment in the retreat before even arriving in LA!)

Over the 12 weeks leading up to the retreat, you will meet together each and every week with Erica and Mara for group trainings via video chat as we guide you through the curriculum all designed to help make sure you have quality leads to talk to when you arrive at 3 Days to 10k.

You will also recieve a weekly action step checklist each week too, so you know exactly what to do. 

During these 12 weeks you will work with Erica, Mara, and the rest of the participants together as a team to make sure your coaching program or offer is packaged and positioned in the right way so it’s the easiest to sell, you have a solid plan to generate quality leads (and you will implement that plan so you have at least 10 sales calls on the calendar for the retreat), and you will even begin to understand and familiarize yourself with the entire Sales That Don’t Suck! System (which as mentioned, past attendees have used to make sales before the retreat had even begun). 

To generate leads you will host your own little local 2 hour event… which is really not that hard to do. With our guidance, and by using sites like Meet Up and Facebook, and tapping into your own local network, you can fill your own local workshop and it’s a lot easier than you think. 

Take our client Crystal for example, she just hosted her very first local evening event where she lives in Santa Barbara and with just 2 weeks of promoting it, 50 people turned out! These events are fun to do, help a lot of people, and are one of the best ways Erica and Mara have found to fill your coaching programs or sell your offers to the best of clients!
Curriculum At A Glance
  • Week 1: Create and Offer That Is So Damn Sexy Your Prospects Can't Say No!
  • Week 2: The Sales That Don't Suck! System: Follow Up To Set It Up and The 15 Minute Strategy Call
  • Week 3: The Sales That Don't Suck! System: The Consult and Close
  •  Week 4: The Sales That Don't Suck! System: Overcoming Objections and How To Help Your Prospects Find The Money Blueprint
  •  Week 5: Leads That Don't Suck! Planning Your Local 2 Hour Workshop Part 1
  •  Week 6: Leads That Don't Suck! Planning For Your Local 2 Hour Workshop Part 2
  •  Week 7: Leads That Don't Suck! Filling Your Local 2 Hour Workshop
  •  Week 8: Leads That Don't Suck! Workshop Prep Week + Q and A
  •  Week 9: Leads That Don't Suck! Workshop Prep Week + Q and A
  •  Week 10: Leads That Don't Suck! Workshop Prep Week + Q and A
  •  Week 11: Workshop Prep Week + Q and AHost Your Local 2 Hour Workshop
  •  Week 12: Host Your Local 2 Hour Workshop and Attend 3 Days To $10k
This isn’t just about discovering what to do… This is also about doing what you discover while enrolling new high-ticket clients and making great money in the process.

Now here’s where it gets even more fun… at the end of the 12 weeks is when we all get together for 3 full days when you come out to sunny LA to attend our very popular "3 Days to $10k" Retreat. 
As you can tell by now, when you attend the upcoming retreat, you’re not just sitting around in a boring conference room learning how to sell, only to go home and struggle to implement the strategies you learned - like so many other conferences and retreats you may have heard of. 

At "3 days to 10k" you’ll be discovering a new approach to sales while closing deals! 

Here's what that means: After Erica and Mara teach you the Sales That Don’t Suck! System, you will by participating in your own sales calls with hot prospects, while being coached in real time. Yes, you read that right. You will be enrolling new clients and closing deals when you join them at their next retreat. 

By the time you leave to go back home, you’ll feel confident in your ability to enroll clients and you’ll have made money in your business! 
Here's a fun little stat for you: Participants in the last "3 days to $10k" collectively generated $127,500!
When you attend 3 days to 10K you’ll be able to get a piece of those results too, and have a TON of fun while doing it! 
Can You Give Me A Taste Of What I'll Discover?
  •  How To Fill Your Calendar With TONS of Qualified Leads For Your Business, So You Can Enroll More Clients You Love! #Winning!
  •  How To Add More Value To Your Programs and Offerings So You Can Take Better Care Of Your Clients And Justify Selling It For More ... Without Having To Do More Work!
  •  The Exact Steps To Take In The Sales Conversation - In The Right Order - So You Don’t Blow Your Chance At Working With An Amazing Client Because You Weren’t Prepared!
  • How To Set Up The Conversation To Make Sure You Are Talking To Someone Who Has The Ability And Resources To Say, “Yes!” From The Get-Go, So You Don’t Waste Your Time!
  •  How To Bust The Most Common Objections Keeping Your Soulmate Clients From Saying "Yes!" To Working With You, Before They Even Come Up!
  •  EVEN BETTER THAN THAT, This Is About How To Get Paid Really Well For Doing What You Really Love, Becoming That Expert That Makes Everyone Go, “How Did She Do That And How Can I Be Like Her?”, AND Being Able To Work Whenever, Wherever, While Helping A Lot Of People!
This is just a taste! Get ready to discover a whole lot more!!
Here's What Our Past Attendees Have To Say...
Rebekah Morgan
Coaching Women Building and Renovating Their Own Homes
Raquel Mack
Tax, Financial, and Business Strategist
Sales is FUN when you know how to do it!
Wanna join us?  
DO IT. We dare you!...
Tell Me More... What's Included?
You will love the surprise guest speakers, awesome activities, schmoozy boozy cocktail hours, catered meals, and the gorgeous mansion the event is hosted in. We have so much fun. And everyone laughs. A lot. It’s like a 3 day summer camp for entrepreneurs who like to make money and help more people in the process.

Your investment in the retreat includes:
  •  The 3 Days To $10k Ramp Up Coaching Program To Get You Fully Prepared (3 Full Months of Coaching Prior To The Retreat)
  •  3 Solid Days of Training, Coaching, and Conducting Real Live Sales Calls with Erica and Mara By Your Side
  •  Pre-Retreat Schmoozy Boozy Cocktail Reception
  •  3 Yummy Meals a Day, Snacks, and Lots of Coffee, Tea, and H2O
    (Don’t worry, we are committed to accommodating all dietary needs.)
  •  3 Surprise Adventerous Activities (one each day), Because All Work and No Play SUCKS!
  •  Transportation from the Hotel to the "Sales That Don’t Suck!" Mansion" Daily
  •  "3 Days To $10k" Facebook Group For All Retreat Attendees For Sales and Marketing Support Prior To The Event!
PLUS These 3 AMAZING Bonuses Valued At Over $3,097.00 To Make It A “No Brainer” To Say “Hell Yes! I'm Coming!” -
  •  BONUS #1: 4 Nights @ a Gorgeous Hotel (based on double occupancy with the option to upgrade to single occupancy for a small fee) - (Retail Value: $600.00)
  •  BONUS #2: 3 one-on-one coaching calls with Erica and Mara prior to the retreat. These calls will get you prepared for the retreat so you get the most out of time and attendace. Call 1 will be with Mara to create your custom lead gen plan and ensure your offer is so damn sexy your prospects can't say, "No!". Call 2 is also with Mara. This is a touch base call to make sure you have everything you need as you are implementing your lead generation plan you created together. And Call 3 is with Erica where she will help you begin to navigate the Sales That Don't Suck! System so you are prepared to successfuly close on your sales calls prior to attending the retreat. - (Retail Value: $1,500.00) 
  •  BONUS #3: Your very own copy of the Sales That Don't Suck! System Digital Course to help you start closing more sales before the retreat even begins (Retail Value: $997.00)
What Does The Schedule Look Like...
Pre-Retreat Schmoozy Boozy Cocktail Reception
Let’s kick off the retreat with a PAR-TAY (because it’s just more fun that way!) 

You will be joining Erica and Mara at the Sales That Don’t Suck! Mansion where you will meet, mingle, and make connections with the other adventurous entrepreneurs who are ready to do the damn thing together with you at the retreat!

This Schmoozy Boozy Cocktail Reception will take place the evening before the retreat begins, to set the vibe and connect the tribe! 

Day 1: Discover Sales That Don't Suck!
You will be joining Erica and Mara back at the Sales That Don’t Suck! Mansion where the group will start the day by having an open discussion about what holds most business owners back from closing the sale so they can help you overcome ALL fears (even ones you didn’t know were there!) that have been keeping you from making the money you want!

And finally, you will discover every last detail of the Sales That Don’t Suck! System — PLUS role-play with your fellow retreat mates so when it’s time to “get in the game”, and sell your programs and offers - you are prepared and set up to win!

The entire group including Erica and Mara will end the day with a relaxing dining experience in a magical location — so you can unwind and decompress before we dive into day 2.

Day 2: Closing With A Conscience
Day 2 is about taking what you discovered on Day 1 and implementing it! 

This means you will ACTUALLY be making sales calls and closing clients you love (and who love you back)! This is like, the most AWESOME thing ever!

But not just that… Erica and Mara will be coaching you LIVE to be better, stronger, and faster with your sales conversation - in real time.

What would it be worth to you to have two experts in sales and marketing by your side as you are engaging in real sales conversations so they can coach you to the close?

That’s what day 2 is all about.

We will end the day with a SURPRISE guest activity, that won’t just be fun — but help you when it comes to selling more too!

Day 3: Upsells and Upgrades
On day 3 you do it again… closing MORE sales with a conscience AND with Erica and Mara by your side coaching you and cheering you on! You can DO it! :-)

In addition, Erica and Mara will teach on one of their FAVORITE topics… retention, upsells, and upgrades! What they know is, the fastest way to grow and scale your business is to make ADDITIONAL offers to those who are ALREADY working with you and love you… BUT there is an exact art to “how” to do it that you will discover on day 3! 

Are you ready for this awesomeness?

Sales is FUN when you know how to do it!
Wanna join us?  DO IT. We dare you!...
Meet Your Hosts of the "3 Days To $10k" Retreat:
Erica Martin and Mara Glazer
Erica Martin
AKA "The Sales Ninja"... 
is a Former Female Karate School Owner. After selling her Dojo, she started her first Coaching Business and sold $1.5 Million dollars in services in her first 2 years. Then, she sold her first coaching business like the true sales ninja that she is.
Some Of Erica's Most Proud Moments:
  •  Launching an online coaching business which generated 6-Figures in sales within 8 weeks!
  •  Closing $340,000 from her own stage in an audience of only 52 people!
  •  Helping her clients (collectively) add an additional $10 Million in sales to their businesses, in the past 2 years! 
  • Treating some of her closest friends, mentors and family members to a 10 day, all expenses paid, trip of a lifetime to the British Virgin Islands as a token of her gratitude and appreciation for their support! 
  •  Living a life of service and contribution by tithing 10% of her income to worthy causes and charitable organizations. 
  •  AND… Erica has dedicated herself to her mission of empowering women (and men) to achieve their goals while living a happy, healthy and balanced life!   
Mara Glazer
made 7 Figures in sales in less than 1 Year from social media for the company her father founded, GKIC (and that was before Facebook Ads even existed). And now she has become The Behind-The-Scenes Business Strategist to some of the most recognized and top earning coaches and influencers around right now.
Some Of Mara's Most Proud Moments:
  •  Named “The World’s Best Female Copywriter” by quite a few very successful marketing experts.
  •  Mara has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and many other major media outlets.
  •  Mara has coached and inspired thousands of women to start their own businesses online. 
  •  Mara made over a million dollars tracked back to social media in under a year while working with her father at the company her father, Bill Glazer, founded, Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC), which was built into the largest education company of marketing and money making information to small business owners around the globe, and then sold to a venture capital firm in 2011. 
  •  Mara was the leader on a fundraiser that raised over $70,000 for the Junior Achievement Organization to start a program teaching inner city youth how they can start their own real businesses.
  •  AND… Mara has traveled the country speaking and inspiring women to achieve more success in their business and get more of what they want in life
And... Our Magical Guest Speaker (Literally)...
Michael Karl 
AKA The "Mentalist"
TRAINING TOPIC: "How to get inside the minds of your
customers to help you sell more!"
Michael is a Business Development Speaker who delivers Motivational Mind-Reading presentations unlike anything you will ever experience.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) referred to Michael as “a modern day Sherlock Holmes.” has stated that “having the opportunity to work with Michael Karl has been an eye opening and amazing experience.”

Entrepreneur put him on the cover of their magazine.

AND... at 3 Days To $10k you will have the opportunity to discover his secrets to get inside the minds of your customers to help you sell more!

You are really going to love this!
Check Out Our Venue and Accommodations...
The Sales That Don't Suck! Mansion

Picture yourself in a gorgeous location, completely relaxed, in a beautiful mansion with a BREATHTAKING view! Now picture yourself in that same beautiful place surrounded by some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and coaches from around the world, all on the same mission… to go on crazy fun adventures, help their clients get results… aaaaaaannnnd make $10K (or more) in just 3 days!

We have found that the BEST ideas, and creative work happens when you are relaxed, inspired and recharged, and the 3 Days to $10K Mansion is designed to do just that! It’s comfy, cozy and classy, and we are excited to reveal the location to you once you have secured your spot to join us. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s DO this!

Your accommodations are included and based on double occupancy (with an option for single occupancy at an additional charge) at an incredible resort, close to the Sales that Don’t Suck! Mansion! 

We selected this location because it’s easy to get to-and-from both the airport AND the Sales That Don’t Suck! Mansion, and ideal for after hours networking with your new friends! We have found that some of the BEST ideas and ah-ha moments happen after hours, and we want to set you up for success every single moment you are here with us!
Here's What Our Past Attendees Have To Say...
Meagan Swanson
Former Miss Nebraska
Coaching Pagent Women On The Interview Portion Of Their Competition
Dr. Lori Bednarchik
Sex, Dating, and Relationship Coach
If you are fun to hang out with, have a big exciting vision for what you want your business to look like, and are excited about discovering and using a different kind of sales system that allows you to be the genuinely awesome human you are - you might just be the perfect fit to attend the next retreat.

Enrollment is now open for the next retreat. Let's have a conversation and find out if "3 Days to $10k" is the right next best step for you and your business.

We promise if it is we will tell you and answer all of your questions. And if it isn't, we will let you know too and then guide you to a different resource or company we think can help you.
Sales is FUN when you know how to do it!
Wanna join us?  DO IT. We dare you!...
P.S. You are really going to LOVE our
"This is a Total No Brainer" Guarantee
The goal of this retreat is to sell at least $10k in coaching or services while you are at the retreat… and quite honestly if you make the decision to “be all in” when it comes to implementing what you discover and being coachable - you could sell a lot more. 

If for whatever crazy reason you don’t achieve that goal while in attendance at the retreat (or during our work together prior to the retreat) - we will work with you after the retreat until you do. 

We want all of our attendees to leave the retreat feeling confident that they have a system to sell more of their coaching programs and offers in a way that feels ahhhhhh-mazing, and actually make sales at the retreat, 

This is our promise to you!

Here's What Our Past Attendees Have To Say...
Crystal Stokes
Coach Redefining Freedom For Ambitious Women
Amanda Kaufman
Coach For High Achieving Experts
Sales is FUN when you know how to do it!
Wanna join us?  DO IT. We dare you!...
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